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Zombies on Bikes | Year 2

By 5:02 AM

Happy Sunday! I find it ironic that I'm posting about Zombies on a Sunday.. It just seems wrong for some reason.

 A couple weeks ago was the annual Zombie Bike Ride in Key West, Fl. On that Sunday afternoon, thousands of zombies poured onto the streets of Key West. The beautiful ocean in the background, the sun setting over the water, and  7,000 people dressed as various forms of zombies, most of them drunk. 

All the zombies congregate, party and mingle until the start of the race at 6:00. By the start of the ride, we had managed to find most of our friends on the island, which wasn't easy in full costumes, and we had quite the misfit gang. We attended in Hippie zombie attire. This year the boyfriend and I went with a theme and I loved it! One of my best friends from back home came down and joined in our shenanigans too! 

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