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$4.99 Ross Special

By 4:26 AM

Hi friends,

It's now Thanksgiving break and my brain has been shut off. 65 children will not be running around in my head, turning my hair a premature shade of gray,  for the next 8 days.

Let's catch up on island happenings:

[ o n e ] I bought myself a shiny new MacBook Air. I even revealed my inner white girl and put a monogram sticker on it. 

[t w o ] AJ and I went to trivia with some friends. It took about 3 seconds for us to realize all the girls were wearing the exact same shirt. It was a happy accident and our trivia team was dubbed the $4.99 Ross special. 

[ t h r e e ] I competed in my first Teacher Turkey Trot at the school this past week and I kicked some relay game ass. Check out my snazzy bowling pin trophy. I had to compete in life-size hungry hippos for that baby. 

[ f o u r ] I planted a mini-garden on the stairs out front and my baby cantaloupe sprouted this week! #proudfruitmom

How is your week going?

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