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Life Lately | September

By 7:22 AM ,

O N E | The morning drive to work has been amazing. When the day is still calm and the sun is rising over the island it brings a sense of peace. I start the day much more relaxed than normal. 
T W O | I brought home my very first Hogfish with a speargun! My goal for the summer had been to get one on my own, without boyfriends help and I did!
T H R E E | Tuna have been plentiful on the docks lately and we are not letting it go to waste. We have made homemade sushi about eight times this month already. I don't know how I stand it. 
F O U R | A long distance facetime video with best friends resulted in this fancy photo being posted to my FB wall. Thanks guys! ( The straw is almost up my nose)
F I V E | In my classroom the kids do a lot of creative writing. It has def. helped bring excitement for writing into school. This week they were given a picture prompt and had to tell what happen before it, during it, and after it. My last period of the day was working diligently until I turned on the Star Wars Pandora station... Squirrels with light sabers have never been so interesting. 

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  1. September was boring as usual. I like fun months like October and November!

  2. Yay for crazy facetiming! We must do it again soon! If it makes you feel better I can stick my straw up my nose next time....

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