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Grand Cayman | Day One

By 6:35 AM

I should admit that I am back.. but I'm not happy about it. Grand Cayman was wonderful and teaching takes up every moment I'm awake.  I'm looking back on this post with envy for myself.

As soon as we landed we picked up the rental car, which was the size of a child's toy and headed straight to the Rum/Vodka distillery. On Grand Cayman, they make a product called Seven Fathoms Rum. Basically, a barrel is filled with new rum, aged seven fathoms under the sea and then brought up when the time is right. It's the only rum like it.

It was highly recommended that you drink all you can while you are there. I couldn't believe it. We weren't charged or questioned the whole time. In reality, we could have walked out without paying for the tour but we didn't. This was our first taste of "Cayman Kind". The Caymanian people were the nicest I've ever met. 

From the Distillery, we drove back to our hotel and checked in. We were greeted with fruity cocktails upon arrival and taken care of right away. The resort was super clean and again, everyone was so nice!

I just love the feeling when you walk into a place and you are instantly relaxed. Within the first hour, I wanted to live there and I'm not kidding. I don't have the itch to pack up and move but if that is where life took me, I wouldn't complain. 

I promise there are more photos to come! Right now I have to go grade 60+ letters my students wrote, get my nails done ( hopefully), possibly work out, and then shop for fall decor. I'm hopeful my priorities will be straightened out after this cup of coffee!

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