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Blow Guns, Yoda, and Vacation!

By 6:42 AM

We leave for vacation so soon! This will be the first I've taken in a few years, the last being the one right after I knew I was getting divorced.  Have I mentioned where we are going? My flip-flop clad feet will be touching down in Grand Cayman on Friday!

You guys, I've been off of work for a week and I don't know what to do with myself! I've eaten some delicious hog-fish tacos, went school shopping, hopped on the water taxi with those lovely ladies, hung out with the puppies, tried to get my classroom set up and finally watched some Star Wars (cuz, I've never seen them).

I've also found my new favorite game. Yes, it should include adult beverages but they are not required. See that photo in the bottom right corner? That's boyfriend with a blow gun and a giant map. 

Basically, you blow a dart at the section of the map wth the flags. Whichever flag you hit closest to- that's the one you have to then try to hit with a second dart. It's hard AF. After a couple drinks no one really cares where you hit, as long as your dart doesn't go through the damn board and into the bicycle tires behind it.

If you manage to get your hands on a blow gun, this may be the educational game your life has been missing. 

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  1. yay! grand cayman was our original destination before we switched to a cruise....are you staying on 7mile beach?!

  2. I so want to leave the US and go some place warm and blue! Can't wait to see pictures!

  3. I think I need a blow gun for my next party. Have a great trip!!!

  4. Bahahaha that sounds awesome xx Enjoy your vacation x Can't wait to see pictures and be wildly jealous! You deserve a bit of summer <3

  5. Awesome! Enjoy your vacation extra for all of us! :-)

  6. Sounds exciting and I like the sound of that game :-)


  7. Any room in your luggage for little ol me to go to Grand Cayman with y'all? lol

    Your pups are going to miss you! (which are gorgeous btw! - serious dog lover over here)

  8. That dart game sounds so fun! I love it!