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Mini Golf, a Fire and a Vacation

By 6:36 AM

 Fourth of July weekend was sort of uneventful. Friday night we drove up the keys to go play mini golf - I lost of course. Even when AB decided he was going to play as relaxed as he could manage. #Imenvious

Saturday morning found me at the pool, lounging under the palm trees and trying to even out my tan. Have I told you yet? AB and I are going to Grand Cayman in a few weeks! He had been talking about going somewhere this year and about two weeks ago I received a text from him telling me," We're going to Grand Cayman, I booked it." Well, then. No complaints here. 

The rest of the day I spend doing laundry and adult things since I thought Sunday was going to be a wash, being the day after the 4th and all. I ended up staying in bed all Sunday, but with Dayquil and not Pedialyte if you get my drift. 

Our plan was to go to a friends house for a BBQ on Saturday afternoon and then possibly go watch fireworks. A couple hours before we were going to drive over to the BBQ, a text comes in with the words, " We burnt down half our backyard... but you can still come over if you want." 

We went, and were the only ones who still came. We had a good chat, saw the charred damage, ate some chicken we picked on the way over, and then headed home. I wanted to be here before my dog went bonkers with the fireworks. The vet had given me some pills to give him during 'fearful' events and after two he wasn't any calmer than when we started. 

Sunday was spent in bed ad I'm glad that's how it happened; when Monday rolled around everything changed... 

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  1. Ummmm... cliffhanger???? Everything changed? Good change I hope! You look so pretty in that pic!!!

  2. Yayy for playing mini gold, one of the benefits of beach living!

  3. Uh holy crap with the cliffhanger! Mini golf is so much fun. I want to go play a round now.