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Life underwater

By 6:29 AM

It's almost the new weekend and I havent told you about the last one yet. I can't say that starting a brnad new blog was a bad thing, it takes a ton of the pressure away from writing. The funny thing is, I hardly ever just sit here and write and that is going to be half my job in  a couple weeks. I will be teaching writing and social studies.  I hope that a few of the pieces I do in class will make it over on this little space. 

Anywho, last sunday the boyfriend (Gah, I hate that word) and I went diving in a new spot off the island. The water was only 4 feet deep and it came in handy bc our mask kept fogging up so we would have to pop our heads out of the water to clear them. I'm not a fan of doing that underwater. 

We swam with millions of bait fish!

Cuddle fish and squid, 

...and I finally got to see the giant sea stars that I hear all about. There were actually two, but this was the better looking one. 

Sunday was the first time I've gone diving with a hawaaiin sling. It's sort of a trident (or frog gig) with a rubber band attached to the end so that you can spear fish. Unfortunately there werent any fish to eat that day but I'm hopeful it will be my turn to bring home dinner one day.

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  1. That star fish is so pretty! I don't know if I could handle swimming with all of those little fish lol... you go girl. When does school start back for you guys?

  2. so awesome you got to swim with all those amazing creatures!

  3. So beautiful, I was thinking this weekend I needed an in water camera.

  4. Love your shots! Underwater photography is my absolute favorite. :D
    Also...how funny! Within the last two years I also went from teaching VPK/Pre-K4 to teaching 5th grade. It was definitely a welcome transition. This year I am moving to 4th grade, which I think I will like even better! Anyway, congrats on the new position!

  5. what an amazing weekend! Love the photos!

  6. Looking at these pics has me so ready for my FL trip! Goodness the water is beautiful!

  7. That looks like so much fun! It must be amazing to see all that different marine life up close!