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Here is to my re-introduction to the blog world. I've started over and I hope this one goes just as well as the last one. It was time for a new beginning since so many things have changed since Livin' On Sweet Tea was born years ago. 

I'm Jessica, also known as Jess... like half the other white girls in the world. I was called by my last name instead of my first for most of my life, even through my marriage. Yes, I was married and now divorced. Married, miscarried and divorced I should say.  I should have been more upset at separating from my ex-husband than I was and that's how I knew it wasn't the right relationship for me. 

I spent a long year of finding myself again and dating before I knew what I wanted and needed. It was also that year that put me in place to find the reason I would move 180 miles away from my hometown. 

A year ago I literally moved as far south as one can go in the U.S. All the way to the southernmost point of the U.S. Key West, Florida. That move was the result of a long distance relationship.We did the LDR thing for almost another year before I jumped at the chance to move to paradise.

On this blog, the boyfriend is referred to as AB. Boyfriend has a day job and also works as a mate on a charter fishing boat which means I see fish guts regularly. BTW, Dawn Power Clean and Bath and Body Works White Citrus cuts the fish smell, in case you needed to know. 

I had coached competitive gymnastics before moving and then got a side job just to keep myself current in the sport. I gave up the balance beam for a white board and now I teach pre-school. I'm in the process of bugging every principle on the island to give me an elementary school room so fingers crossed. 

I spend a good deal of my time in the gym or in the sun. My head is content and my heart is happy when I'm on the water. Being on a 2x4 mile island means I can't get me much closer to my happy place. 

I'm new to wanting girl-ish things. I've always loved massages and pedicures, but I find myself shopping for dresses, makeup and accessories a lot more now. People really do change as they age.
Hopefully most of you are following me over from the new page, but if not, hello and nice to meet ya!

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  1. I am so glad to see you back! I seriously admire you for having the courage to take the leap of faith on the LDR to move that far south. Can't wait to read more posts from you! Looks like from this we have lots to catch up on lady:)

  2. I love your new blog! I dream of a day when Little K has grown up when I can move to the Keys or even better the Caribbean!

  3. Excited to read about your new adventures on this blog!! Wish I lived in the Keys!!

  4. A change of scenery is such a motivator when you're making a change! When I left a dysfunctional relationship 4 years ago, I moved to Alaska and eventually made my way to Georgia -- I'm still figuring out what makes me happy, but I'm glad I found your blog and will get to see what life brings you next!


  5. Love this! Loving the new, simple design!xo

  6. Oooh I am so going to follow you! I've always wondered what it would be like to live in the Keys. I visit at least twice a year, and usually have a reallyyyyyy hard time going back home! My heart is perpetually torn between the North FL springs and the South FL ocean... when my husband and I started shopping for land, we were constantly flip flopping.... spring country won in the end but only by a smidge! Fortunately the North FL gulf coast isn't far. :D

  7. Love this <3 This is the best introduction, and I've never knew so many of these things about you x You are so brave!! I love that you moved for love and that you're loving the ocean and life xx Can't wait to read this blog x Been missing you in the blogosphere!