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Hashtag Humpday Confessions

By 6:47 AM

// I haven't worked out in a long time. I blame lesson planning and moving, those two are a*sholes. #Ihadporkbellysandwichesfordinner

// I had way too much fun dressing up our dogs. Mullets on dogs? Priceless. #poorkids

// When I walk those crazy mutts I don't wear a bra half the time... I use my hair to cover my ta-ta's over my shirt. #smallbobsdontcare

// I've dawdled over the idea of starting a blog about teaching and what resources I've used but it seems like too much work. #teachersdontgetpaidenough 

// The past two weeks have been hard. I've been applying for more teaching positions to no avail, John Snow broke my heart, lesson planning with very little resources blows. #winteriscoming

// I need someone to make me a blog button. I can do it myself, but they never look as good. I'm a big fan of leaving things to the person who does them best. #isuckatit

// I totally use Grammarly to correct my posts. This is a pure laziness problem. #shouldntIknowthisstuff?

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  1. Oh I hope you find a teaching job soon! Btw check out the confessions on my blog today...eek I mentioned you! Oh an why don't you take a pic of you in the beautiful keys and add words over it for your blog.

  2. I try to not wear a bra on morning dog walks too, I was disappointed this morning when I realized the shirt I put on could not be worn braless.

  3. Oh my! Dogs with mullets, I'm dying. They look like they were good sports about it. ;)