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A (Not) Sweet Smelling Summer

By 6:06 AM ,

In the past month, AB and I have moved all of our stuff, tried to make a new home and had friends in town, twice. I'm f*n tired. Oh and did I mention I fought a big shark? 

AB's long-time friend was in town so took a couple fishing trips back to back a couple weekends ago. The trips were more or less for the boys to do their thing, but I never mind reeling in a few fish. 

Toward the end of the day we decided to drop lines on a wreck a few miles off shore. I knew the plan was to "drive" the sharks off the wreck, but I was not prepared for how it was actually done. Once a shark bit the bait the captain literally gunned the engines and pulled it away from the wreck as fast as possible. This is all done so the fish can't dive and wrap the lines around whatever is down there. 

That is an 8lb fish for bait, FYI. 

The rod was given to me once we had it in open-water, but there were hundreds of feet of line that had been let out in the process. Bringing up a 200lb shark is like pulling up a school bus with the windows open. 

I'd estimate 45 minutes or so into it, my back gave out. I couldn't pull up on the rod anymore and tears come out of my eyes. I was pissed! It was so close. 

It was a great way to end day one, followed by a beer or two of course. 

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  1. Wow ... that is a big shark!!! I can't believe you held on for 45 minutes, I would have lasted 2 lol

  2. Dang! I bet working on bringing that shark in for 45 minutes was quite the work out.