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$4.99 Ross Special

Hi friends,

It's now Thanksgiving break and my brain has been shut off. 65 children will not be running around in my head, turning my hair a premature shade of gray,  for the next 8 days.

Let's catch up on island happenings:

[ o n e ] I bought myself a shiny new MacBook Air. I even revealed my inner white girl and put a monogram sticker on it. 

[t w o ] AJ and I went to trivia with some friends. It took about 3 seconds for us to realize all the girls were wearing the exact same shirt. It was a happy accident and our trivia team was dubbed the $4.99 Ross special. 

[ t h r e e ] I competed in my first Teacher Turkey Trot at the school this past week and I kicked some relay game ass. Check out my snazzy bowling pin trophy. I had to compete in life-size hungry hippos for that baby. 

[ f o u r ] I planted a mini-garden on the stairs out front and my baby cantaloupe sprouted this week! #proudfruitmom

How is your week going?

Zombies on Bikes | Year 2

Happy Sunday! I find it ironic that I'm posting about Zombies on a Sunday.. It just seems wrong for some reason.

 A couple weeks ago was the annual Zombie Bike Ride in Key West, Fl. On that Sunday afternoon, thousands of zombies poured onto the streets of Key West. The beautiful ocean in the background, the sun setting over the water, and  7,000 people dressed as various forms of zombies, most of them drunk. 

All the zombies congregate, party and mingle until the start of the race at 6:00. By the start of the ride, we had managed to find most of our friends on the island, which wasn't easy in full costumes, and we had quite the misfit gang. We attended in Hippie zombie attire. This year the boyfriend and I went with a theme and I loved it! One of my best friends from back home came down and joined in our shenanigans too! 

Life Lately | September

O N E | The morning drive to work has been amazing. When the day is still calm and the sun is rising over the island it brings a sense of peace. I start the day much more relaxed than normal. 
T W O | I brought home my very first Hogfish with a speargun! My goal for the summer had been to get one on my own, without boyfriends help and I did!
T H R E E | Tuna have been plentiful on the docks lately and we are not letting it go to waste. We have made homemade sushi about eight times this month already. I don't know how I stand it. 
F O U R | A long distance facetime video with best friends resulted in this fancy photo being posted to my FB wall. Thanks guys! ( The straw is almost up my nose)
F I V E | In my classroom the kids do a lot of creative writing. It has def. helped bring excitement for writing into school. This week they were given a picture prompt and had to tell what happen before it, during it, and after it. My last period of the day was working diligently until I turned on the Star Wars Pandora station... Squirrels with light sabers have never been so interesting. 

Grand Cayman | Day One

I should admit that I am back.. but I'm not happy about it. Grand Cayman was wonderful and teaching takes up every moment I'm awake.  I'm looking back on this post with envy for myself.

As soon as we landed we picked up the rental car, which was the size of a child's toy and headed straight to the Rum/Vodka distillery. On Grand Cayman, they make a product called Seven Fathoms Rum. Basically, a barrel is filled with new rum, aged seven fathoms under the sea and then brought up when the time is right. It's the only rum like it.

It was highly recommended that you drink all you can while you are there. I couldn't believe it. We weren't charged or questioned the whole time. In reality, we could have walked out without paying for the tour but we didn't. This was our first taste of "Cayman Kind". The Caymanian people were the nicest I've ever met. 

From the Distillery, we drove back to our hotel and checked in. We were greeted with fruity cocktails upon arrival and taken care of right away. The resort was super clean and again, everyone was so nice!

I just love the feeling when you walk into a place and you are instantly relaxed. Within the first hour, I wanted to live there and I'm not kidding. I don't have the itch to pack up and move but if that is where life took me, I wouldn't complain. 

I promise there are more photos to come! Right now I have to go grade 60+ letters my students wrote, get my nails done ( hopefully), possibly work out, and then shop for fall decor. I'm hopeful my priorities will be straightened out after this cup of coffee!

Blow Guns, Yoda, and Vacation!

We leave for vacation so soon! This will be the first I've taken in a few years, the last being the one right after I knew I was getting divorced.  Have I mentioned where we are going? My flip-flop clad feet will be touching down in Grand Cayman on Friday!

You guys, I've been off of work for a week and I don't know what to do with myself! I've eaten some delicious hog-fish tacos, went school shopping, hopped on the water taxi with those lovely ladies, hung out with the puppies, tried to get my classroom set up and finally watched some Star Wars (cuz, I've never seen them).

I've also found my new favorite game. Yes, it should include adult beverages but they are not required. See that photo in the bottom right corner? That's boyfriend with a blow gun and a giant map. 

Basically, you blow a dart at the section of the map wth the flags. Whichever flag you hit closest to- that's the one you have to then try to hit with a second dart. It's hard AF. After a couple drinks no one really cares where you hit, as long as your dart doesn't go through the damn board and into the bicycle tires behind it.

If you manage to get your hands on a blow gun, this may be the educational game your life has been missing. 

Let's Be Friends Blog Hop!

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Just Enjoy It

It seems a lot of my posts are recaps of what has been going on.. until I forget to hit publish on a post that happen a month ago, or two. These photos were taken in the beginning of June. School had just gotten out, it wasn't 100 degrees outside yet and the sun hadn't moved to the other side of the island. 

I love those nights when the ocean is flat calm, the no-see-um's aren't biting the crap out of your legs and you can just enjoy what your surroundings have to offer. 

The next morning brought a day of fishing/diving. We rented a boat and headed out to dive with more fish. Of course there was the possibility of bringing home diner but it wasn't the main objective. 

I don't think we reeled in many fish that day, although this one was quite the hefty catch and turned the day around. 

He went back on his merry way after a few photos and we ended our day a little sunburnt but happy. 

It may be a little late but I'm linking up with Biana for Weekending